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JP Nagar Medical and Physiotherapy Centre Arekere


"Physiotherapy" means a branch of modern medical health care science which includes examination,assessment,interpretation,physical diagnosis,planning and execution of treatment and advice to any person for the purpose of preventing,correcting,alleviating and limiting dysfunction,curing physical disorders or disability,promoting physical fitness,facilitating healing and pain relief and treatment of physical and psychosomatic disorders through modulating physiological and physical response using physical agents,activities and devices including exercise mobilization ,manipulations,therapeutic ultrasound,electrical and thermal agents and electrotherapy for diagnosis,treatment and prevention.

"Physiotherapists" are health professionals who assess,plan and implement rehabilitative programs that improve or restore human motor functions,maximize movement ability,relieve pain syndromes,and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries,diseases and other impairments.Physiotherapist apply a broad range of physical therapies and techniques such as movement,ultrasound,heating and other techniques.

Why Choose Us?

With over a decade of Expertise and Treatment in various Physiotherapeutic conditions, we provide the most optimal progression of the treatment. We also care for the Patients well Being and will work with them to manage the injury, pain and get back a pain free life with full range of movement.

Modern Clinic

Our Clinic is equipped with State of the art facilities and the latest in equipment’s and modalities for Proper Care and treatment according to the Conditions and Symptom’s presented.

Health Care

We care for your health and time, with the vast Physiotherapeutic Development and techniques. We provide you with the best in Rehabilitation, Guidance in Prevention and Increasing the Quality of Your life in the Best possible way.

Qualified Doctors

We are proud of our highly Qualified Doctors. Have a team of extremely talented and dedicated professional Physiotherapists. Committed to restoring the Health, rehabilitating the body and providing a Comfortable and positive environment for the patient.

Therapeutic modalities


Ultrasound involves the therapeutic use of a sound wave to reduce swelling, promote healing and assist in scar tissue remodeling. This is achieved by cellular vibration causing a bio stimulatory effect in the injured tissue.


Interferential Current is another form of electrotherapy. A wave current passes through the tissue and helps to reduce muscle spasm, pain and inflammation.


At J.P Nagar Medical and  Physiotherapy Centre we pride ourselves on providing excellent physiotherapy treatment in a highly professional and uniquely personal clinical setting.

Our physiotherapists have a strong foundation of medical knowledge and hands-on therapy, coupled with extensive clinical experience·


  • Excellent Physiotherapy service since 2012
  • Our Team is updated for continuous improvement of quality of care and performance of service.
  • We have dedicated and trained physios
    • Providing you the best treatment available
    • Quality assessment and diagnosis
    • Look after the patients response to the treatment as well as their well being
  • Progress with the feedback from the community

  • Clean and Spacious environment
  • Comfortable seating
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • One to one personal care
  • State of the art equipment’s
  • Patients Centric approach

Our team aims for the best possible outcome. Over the years we have treated a wide range of conditions and over 5500 patients of which all had satisfactory and good results. We strive towards the goal of complete physiotherapeutically care and patients satisfaction.