World Physiotherapy Day 2017

World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of September. On this day every physiotherapist can share and spread the awareness on how physiotherapy is changing lives. How through application of physiotherapy techniques a person can stay well, be mobile and independent.


                        The theme for World Physiotherapy Day 2017 was “Physical activity for Life”.

When people think of physical activity they usually go towards the thought of strenuous exercises or hard work. But its much more simpler then that, the simple act of doing household tasks, walking or even playing around with your children is also included in physical activities and doing similar and simple task daily can make your lifestyle much more healthier and better.

And a Physiotherapist can help you maintain a healthy life by giving you suggestions or organise your daily activities so that you can stay healthy and fit for the years to come.

Physical activities reduces the risk of dieases and help you maintain a healthy body, and can help people with a range of symptoms and conditions including

Cardio Vascular Disease