5th Anniversary JP Nagar Branch




5th Clinic Anniversary

            On the 1st of July 2017 JP Nagar Medical and Physiotherapy Centre –JP Nagar branch turned 5. With great Joy and profound gratitude to the people and staff I wish to say Thanks to each and every one. In the past few years the Centre has grown and went through a lot of Changes and Improvements.

            This Centre was set up to provide Complete and comprehensive Physiotherapy service to the General Public with Ease of Access and Cost friendly sessions with Quality treatment in the year 2012. Now with over 5500 Patients treated and still growing we strive to keep on improving the services we provide.

            A second Branch was inaugurated on 5th December 2016 at Arekere Mico lay out.

The Course of Events we had were as follows:

                        July 1st 2016

            8:00 AM – 11: 00 AM

At 8 AM in the morning we started off the Day by invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesh by thanking him for his blessings and to continuously bless us in the years to come.

After which we had Breakfast with the staff, patients and well-wishers.



“We cannot do Great things, only small things with Great Love”

  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

            It was decided in a previous meeting among the staff of what we should do for our 5th Anniversary and unanimously it was decided that we will help an Orphanage or an Old Age Home. After searching our area we shortlisted a Place Called “Prasanna Jyothi – Home for Homeless” and so at 12:00 PM we met in the Centre and went to the place where we distributed some sweets, talked with the kids of which all were so nice and well-mannered after which we donated a month’s food provisions.

            03:00 PM

            At 3:00 PM we again reassembled at the Centre for the final event we had planned for the day. And it was to set off to a place called Campfire Circle Resort situated near Ramanagar. We Reached the place at around 5 exhausted but excited. We were welcomed by the Host warmly and were shown to our tents. We put away our Bags had tea and Played till dawn broke.

            Around 8:00 PM a Campfire was set up near the vicinity where we sang ate and got to know each and every one of the team better. Dinner was provided and we retired for the night.

July 2nd 2016

            Woke up and at 7:00 PM all of us went for trekking around a plateau, took Photos and enjoyed the Scenery and the beauty nature has to provide.

            Came back to our Campsite where breakfast was provided and afterwards we went for boating and Swimming in the lake near us.

            12:00 PM we were provided lunch and we rested and returned back to our respective places at around 3:00 PM.



Our Success Story : International Patients


A surgical intervention leading to the removal of a part of the vertebral bone called the Lamina. Also known as decompression surgery it relieves pressure from the Spinal Cord and Nerves by enlarging the spinal Canal.

In December of 2015, we at JP Nagar Medical and Physiotherapy Centre had a Patient from Norway who  undergone Laminectomy Surgery  3 month before and had come to us for Post-Operative Physiotherapy.


Chief Complaints were:
  • Pain
  • Unable to walk properly
  • Radiating pain in LL

We recommended her for  4 Weeks of Physiotherapy Care at our Centre.

 Physiotherapy Interventions We included:

  • Physical modalities
  • Manual Therapy
  • Back Education Program
  • Progressive lumbar ROM exercises
  • Exercises for the Lower Limbs
  • slouch-overcorrect procedure
    • Hip and Core Muscle Strengthening
    • Functional exercises


After a 50 sessions treatment the progressive results were Phenomenal, the patient was able to do normal day to day activities normally and without pain. With the conclusion of treatment we were glad to hear and see the progress in pain reduction and postural rehabilitation.

The results and feedback inspires us to keep continuing our good work and encourages us to do more bettter.


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy treats injuries related to Sprain, Strain, Fractures, Dislocation and Other similar conditions. It also assist in rehabilitating people from Strokes, Bell’s Palsy, Post- Operative Conditions like TKR, THR, COPD, and also for Parkinsonism. Physiotherapy also helps in reliving pain caused by Spondylitis, Disc Prolapse, Sciatica and pain caused as a result of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Nerve Compression, Frozen Shoulder and Arthritis.

It uses a series of therapeutic techniques and modalities aimed at maintaining the health of people of all ages and helping the patients to manage the pain and prevent further injuries and complications.

The Sooner Physiotherapy Starts the Quicker and Better the Recovery. A complicated case can be easily identified and Treated appropriately as a result of early Consultation and therapy.

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