Common Sports Injury

“Know safety, No Injury. No safety, Know injury”

On October 8 2017, A team of Doctors led by Dr. P Senthil from JP Nagar Medical and Physiotherapy Centre went to L&T Southcity apartments to present and explain the various injuries and prevention of sports injury.

Mrs. Satya Naryana Jyothi Rao

Hosted by Mrs. Satya Naryana Jyothi Rao, for the community of L&T Southcity apartment. We were gracefully invited to the venue.

Starting off the session, Mrs. Jyothi gave her welcoming speech. Followed by the Director of JP Nagar Medical and Physiotherapy Centre Prof. Dr. P Senthil and introduced his team of Physiotherapist present.

Prof. Dr. P Senthil

The Eager and Energetic Crowd

Dr. Rahul Dixit (Pt)

Common Sports Injury

The 1st Session was taken up by Dr. Rahul Dixit who explained:

Types of injuries and undelying causes of injuries.

  • Learning the types of injuries and how the injuries occur.
  • Practical demo’s from and for the audience.

Dr. Syeda Umed Kulsum

The 2nd Session was taken up by Dr. Syeda Umme Kulsum. Explained the preventive measures and precautionary measures.

  • Steps taken in case of injuries that can occur in field or off field.
  • How warm-ups are importatnt before and after physical activity.         
  • And to close it off Mrs. Jyothi gave a thank you speech after which all in the audience were given time to interact and talk with the physio’s for any doubts they have.

The day ended with all the kids and people present gaining valuable information on the topic of “Sports Injuries”.